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The Gravel Tour for heavy touring enduros in Estonia in May 2004:


E-vitamiini were routed by local touring enduro enthusiasts. We were offered many unbelieveable stages, which we could have not found without local guidance.

From our starting point in Tallinn harbour we headed immediately to countryside. Eventhough we carried all our luggage in the first day when riding to our base camp, we were not interested in asphalt. The weather was perfect, it was windy enough to avoid swallowing dust.

One day was saved for slow motion. During that day the first three hours took us six kilometres away from the camp!

There were many stages that required licences from landowners. It was not always clear whether some road is actually a road... In addition to versatile roads and paths we really got a chance to be charmed with nature and wilderness. 

In days other than the slow day we entertained ourselves in faster roads and got widely aquainted with all the goodies that Estonian countryside can offer to touring enduros. In this kind of paradise it was not heavy at all to ride over 12 hours per day. And yet we left there plenty to ride later...






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