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spicing up Allroad Tour

Teams participating Allroad Tour will create their routes by combining ready-made GPS routes. Competition makes the routing even more interesting since it is possible to score points during the ride. After the tour week the team that scores the most will be the winner. Speed does not play any role in this race but wise routing is essential.

Teams can collect points by visiting pre-defined places on their way from one camp to another. The visits are verified and the results are counted based on GPS information.

Normal rules of fair play is followed in routing competition. In unclear situations the jury can dock points e.g. in cases where a team splitted up for point hunting.

Ready-made GPS routes can be combined freely and it is possible to divert from them. Points can be scored in every pre-defined place regardless of whether a team has followed a ready-made route or paths of its own. Places to score have been selected so that by riding tarmac it is not possible to score. Actually any special tactics is not needed but the best competitors are those who ride small gravel roads the most!!!


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