Allroad Tour Team

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Allroad Tour Team

Allroad Tour Team is a group of friends and touring enduro enthusiasts who are also organizing trips for other same minded riders. There are nine members in the team. 

In the early days we used to made shorter trips just by ourselves without for example any service cars. In 1998 rose an idea of informing also other riders about the trip to Lapland. Year by year more riders were interested in joining us and today there are about 100 participants in addition to the team.

Allroad Tour will be organized as long as we in the team also enjoy it ourself. Organizing a new trip every year is quite an effort but so far everything has run so well that we still want to share this experience with new riders. Traditionally Allroad Tour takes place in the area of Kainuu and Lapland because of the dense network of forest roads there. The severe northern nature and harsh landscape are key elements of the trip as well.

All the team members have plenty of experience of acting outdoors, camping and of course riding on gravel roads. We all have empirically learned what it is to operate in remote areas where there are no shops, gas stations and services next to you. For this reason it is clear that enjoying and respecting the nature is the only way to act for all of us.

Allroad Tour Team: in front Pekka Heikkinen, Kalervo Kaltio and Petri Koivisto, behind Kati Heikkinen, Marko Savela, Timo Laaksoviita, Kimmo Neuvonen and Ari Peltola. (Juha Romppanen is missing from the picture.)



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Allroad Tour Team:

Allroad Tour Team