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Allroad Tour is a route ride and a routing competition for heavy touring enduros in Finnish Lapland. 

was ridden from 1st to 7th August 2004

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Allroad Tour was ridden in the northernmost parts of Finland. Some of the participating teams rode all the way up North to see the Arctic Ocean. Routing was spiced up with a routing competition which included almost 9000 kilometres of ready-made routes to be combined. In addition to riding the smallest gravel roads the bikes and the bikers had to endure both asphalt liaisons and a total offroad route in the end of the tour.

Nobody wanted to take the easiest way so the tour become the toughest one compared to previous Allroad Tours. There were several engine breakdowns and unfortunately couple of bikers got injured too. Still Allroad Tour spirit was there and the misfortunes just made the teams work together in a best way. Every participant had his share of sweating in exceptionally hot, dry hillsides as well as bites of gnats and mosquitos in swamps. Everyone experienced also how helping hands appeared immediately to lift fallen bike or to help repairing tyre puncture. The joy of creating Allroad Tour together was everywhere even more than ever, and everyone participating Allroad Tour 2004 Nangu has to be thanked for keeping up the spirit!

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The Winner Team of routing competition took such a strong lead during the first days that it managed to keep it eventhough one day was wasted to engine troubles. Team 6 was lead by Toni Tanner and Timo Rinteelä and the other members were Ville Jaronen, Ville Laitala, Mikko Tamsi, Olli Tamsi and Ari Tamsi, all Finns.

Second place went to team number 8. Team was lead by Vesa Mäkelä and the other members were Ari Hinkkanen and Jyrki Kauppinen from Finland and Henk Kruijmer from the Netherlands. Rauno Argillander changed team on the way and joined team 8 for the last days. New member brought fresh thinking with him and team 8 took a good spurt in the end.

Leader of team 16 Kristian Råstedt and another Finnish member Jarkko Vuolle spurred on the Czech bikers Petr Mrhac, Irena and Petr Lulek and Pavel Duda in Lapland's smallest roads. Petr Mrhac got comfortable with the Allroad Tour style and was finally the only Czech to make it to the very end. Team rode in mini size for the last days and finally crossed the finishing line in the last minute of check-in time by towing their leaders broken bike. The third place was really a surprise for the team that had not planned any other strategy than stay away from asphalt and have fun!


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