Allroad  Tour 2000 Guhtur

Story has been originally printed in Bike magazine (8/00). It is published here with the permission of Bike.

Allroad Tour 2000 Guhtur may be remembered as the hardest of all Allroad Tours ridden so far. One reason for this was the early time of the tour. It now took place in midsummer week. The preceding winter was exceptionally snowy in the north and in addition in June it was raining a lot. In the lakes of Finnish Lapland the water level was in the record readings of the millennium. However, for the arrengers this was the only possible time. It should also be mentioned that this spring in Lapland mosquitoes had been calculated five times more compared to the normal.

The total amount of participants was 43 persons. There were three service trucks and 38 bikes. Four nationalities were represented: Finland, Sweden, Israel and Estonia. According to the unwritten law of Allroad Tour the bikes had been ridden and not for example carried on a trailer to a place of departure. The total length of the planned route was about 1600 kilometres and the share of the asphalt of it was 21 %. Common costs of the trip were 480 FIM (80 €) per participant.

Day 0. From Suomussalmi to Hossa - 137 kms all-road and 1 km off-road 

Day 1. From Hossa to Seipäjärvi - Menu of the day: Pizza and Salmon soup with mosquitoes 

Days 2-4. From Seipäjärvi to Uusijoki - 390 kms wasteland tracks and river crossings

Day 5. From Uusijoki to Oulankajoki - no sleeping, only riding

Day 6. From Oulankajoki to Hossa - Tired? Hell no, I am not tired! It is time for midsummer partyz..ZZZ…ZZZ…

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